Saturday, July 09, 2011

Dinocow Bookshelf

Almost done with this piece.. I think. I don't know. Each one of these bookshelves proves harder and harder to create.

It started out simple. I like the quirky design. in fact, I like it so much that i thought I should make four of these. Each one exactly the same but turned on a different side.

Then I thought I would put some boxes on the shelf. Try something different. I liked the color scheme but no matter where I placed the boxes I just couldn't get happy with it.

Then I found out Peak City Publishing was gonna publish my book How To Milk A Dinocow so i decide to celebrate by making some Dinocow critters.

The other thing I did differently, or maybe it is just a direction I've been moving towards, is simplifying the colors and the shapes. Previous items on the bookshelves have been painted in a more expressive style. I scrapped type of items and cut out some basic shapes out of wood. It gives this piece a whimsical, almost primary look and feel.

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